19/01/2015 PERM is committed to fully provide services for your growing industries. We have the largest warehouse and year-round stock of high-graded local and imported steel coils. Our experienced engineers supervise and monitor every detail, from pre-production planning through final product inspection.
18/01/2015 Why SUNTECH COOLING ROOF METAL SHEET roof with insulation PU FOAM ready to prove the success of the great results. We are trusted for performance for over 10 years.
18/01/2015 Natural curved roofing sheets (SPRUNG CURVED ROOFING) is curved roofing sheets. Derived from the plate bending towards the structure. Without a pump curve. Roofing sheets pump curve (CRIMP CURVED ROOFING) is curved roofing sheets.
18/01/2015 Koala Jing Jai Hot Rolled Steel is one of BlueScope Hot Rolled Steel quality product through superior manufacturing processes. It complies with Australia's manufacturing and quality standards which are recognized worldwide.
17/01/2015 SUNTECH CEE & ZED SUNTECH high roof sheets of C and Z of the most innovative companies. Can meet and steel frame or flat roof with high accuracy. Lightweight and high strength can be installed quickly and easily, saving time and costs can be reduced significantly.
17/01/2015 Steel products including rounded pipe, squared pipe and C-Channel in various sizes which have been certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).
16/01/2015 Ensures quality AURA Metallic Pigments coated steel sheets, flat steel products to the paint pearl of high quality. Contains Copper Alloy Organic, which is uniquely qualified to resist rust and corrosion as well. Compared with conventional stainless steel dim. Resistant to all weather conditions Also, bending formability by the color does not crack or peel.
10/01/2015 Coated steel, aluminum ALUZINC Brand sun. One of the company's products. Siamcolor Limited (the Company) is committed to the development, both in terms of quality. And excellent service Company Warranty: 15 years and have staff available to assist and help. And provides information on the coated steel, aluminum ALUZINC Brand sun. To provide maximum satisfaction to every customer.