Within the company. Siamcolor Limited (the Company) has developed products and services include ongoing. To meet the needs of all our customers. The Company We have to create the 3 brands to increase brand awareness and the value added to the product, but also the kind of company.

SUNTECH SunTech brand is a brand that was established to operate the roof steel coil steel to expand and meet the needs of the customers.

Sun (Aluminum Sink) Set up to use a rolling aluminum sink. Stainless steel sink, a foreign company. To sell their own branded "Sun (aluminum, zinc)."

AURA Brand of aura is another brand for a rolling black and white color in the 2 types of steel, the company is importing from overseas vendors. The company imported steel. Distribution can be characterized in terms of color as well. The shade is a novelty. Unlike the commercially available As an alternative to customers who have a favorite color. Different