In 2005

Permsin Steel Works Co, Ltd. has transformed to a Public Company Limited.


In 2004

Permsin Steel Works added the production of high-tensile galvanized C-channel, C-Line, C-U, T-Bar and also to several foreign countries as well. We have the capacity to produce 10,000,000 C-line, C-U a year. 3,000,000 m2 of metal sheet  roofing and walling per year. As the increasing orders from company’s clients, 2 new plans are now under construction.


In 2003

Siamcolor Sheet Co., Ltd. has become an authorized distributor of Smartruss  from Bluescope (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


In 1996

The executives founded Siam Color Sheet to manufacture Color Sheet under trademark "Suntech". The company achieved Thailand Industrial Standard from the Industry Ministry, and ISO 9001:2000. The Color Sheet are reputable for the vibrant colors and durability. They are free from cancerous chemicals. Our professional technicians provide consultants to design and installation, using computer programs.


In 1994

The company installed cutting and slitting machines to serve the customers.


In 1989

Permsin Steel Works PCL was founded as a CRC trading company. CRC is essential material in the automotive industry and manufacturing process of various parts that require melding ability as well as strength. The material is also used in many industries such as furniture, electrical appliance, pipe industry.